18 – 19 October 2024
The spirits-event at MESSE BREMEN


Do you like the sweet taste of a sherry finish, or do you prefer a smoky note? Do you enjoy whisky, or are you more into rum? Are you a traditionalist, or do you have a more inquisitive palate? Or maybe you prefer London Dry and like to celebrate "gin o’clock"?

Whatever your preferences – with us you can go on your own "spiritual" journey!

Over two days and in a relaxed atmosphere, discover the worldwide variety of whisky, rum, gin and other spirits. Meet up with friends and chat with other connoisseurs – this event is all about socialising! You can look forward to around 130 distilleries, importers and independent bottlers ready to discuss fascinating details with you and sate your thirst (for knowledge).

Take part in interesting tastings and expand your horizon, or try exclusive tobacco products in our cigar lounge. In the catering area, you'll find great food that gives you a spirit-friendly lining to your stomach! We're looking forward to three days of taste sensations at the BOTTLE MARKET with you!

We look forward to two enjoyable days with you!

Opening hours

Friday, 18th Oct 2024 3:00 am – 10:00 pm Saturday, 19th Oct 2024 12:00 – 22:00 pm

  • What is correct - whisky or whiskey? Both spellings are correct, as is so often the case, it depends on the country of origin. The spelling ‘whiskey’ comes from Ireland and Irish emigrants took the "e" with them to the USA. In other countries, ‘whisky’ is spelt without the additional letter.
  • The name "Whisk (e) y" has its origins in the Latin "Aqua Vitae" (translated: Water of Life) - Irish monks, as you can read on the Internet, translated Aqua Vitae into Gaelic "UIsge Beatha", so the rural population understood what it's about as well.
  • Even to this day it is debatable where whisk (e) y originally came from. Some sources say the Irish invented it, others attribute the "patent" to the Scots. However, it is widely believed that whisk (e) y originated in Ireland.


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