Welcome to the BOTTLE MARKET!

Certain rules apply at all events where alcohol is served:

The BOTTLE MARKET is targeted at adult visitors, therefore the law protecting minors applies to the serving and purchase of drinks and the cigar lounge.

The food on offer provides a good basis for your tasting sessions. To ensure you enjoy your whisky to the full, please drink plenty of water between glasses.

The exhibitors are instructed to stop serving alcoholic drinks to anybody who is obviously drunk.

In the case of very drunk/disruptive guests, we must exercise our right to ask them to leave. To ensure the event is peaceful and enjoyable for everybody, these people will be escorted out of the buildings. Following such an exclusion, the guest has no claim to renewed entry or a refund of the entrance fee.

Please note that the bottles of spirits and goods you buy in the food area are not for on-site consumption and that this is not allowed.

And please remember: "After whisky, driving's risky!" The exhibition site is easy to reach with public transport, so you can leave your car in the garage.

Thank you for observing these minor rules! We wish you a day full of enjoyment, meeting nice people and of course lots of fun.